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4K Video on the Smallest Commercial Caterpillars

     Crawl Video offers the most compact off road Video Production on a caterpillar vehicle less than quarter the size of a calf - dozer (or small industrial bulldozer). The Vehicle is a specially adapted HUINA Radio Control caterpillar.  The camera is a GoXtreme Blackhawk 4K.  The Caterpillar is equally at home in both Indoor and Outdoor environments and filming areas with low ceilings and low light conditions where a light source in the form of a torch is fitted.  The camera boom can even dip the camera into fresh water.  The unit can be steered more precisely than a flying drone.  There are no rotor blades and the excavation arm [camera boom] can be constricted to take up less space when needed. Filming is controlled in real time over Wifi by the GoAction app on an iPod Touch held on the same baseboard of the caterpillar radio control unit.

NO PHYSICAL MEDIA like DVD or SD card is supplied to the client

ALL Video Footage is downloaded from VIMEO ON DEMAND, or YouTube as an alternative.

   As a WORKAROUND to the above declaration: You can supply me with your own blank SD card OR USB Stick OR HG DUO Magic Gate exceeding 16 GB capacity. If you are interested in finding out more about this Caterpillar HD Video service, then why not send an email to Joseph with "Track Video" in the Subject line to prove that you took the trouble to read this far - Thanks!